We sat down with Lily Cotter to talk about wandering sparks, pathways and poetry.

When was the first time you felt moved to create jewellery? Was there a moment? 


To be completely honest, it all started when I very unenthusiastically took a class of silver smithing in the university holidays many years ago. It wasn’t until we got to the part of the class where we were to learn how to solder that I fell in love. The second I smelled the hot metal I was hooked. I grew up in the workshop of my father, he is a boilermaker, instead of going to childcare I spent all of my early years under the office desks of my parents small business, frequently I would wander down to the workshop to watch the welding sparks or catch curls of steel as they fell from the cutting machine. I felt an immediate familiarity with silversmithing and my upbringing, and my enthusiasm shifted. I never dreamed of being a silversmith, my dream is to live in the woods and publish my poetry, my jewels are my pathway there.


What is your most worn piece of clothing? 


I recently lost her, she was a paper-thin green t-shirt and my best friend.


Why is that your favorite piece?


We had great times together.

Favorite outdoor activity?


Swimming in creeks


Where were you born in Australian? Paint us a picture of it with Lilys paint brush!


I was born in a small town called Mareeba in Far North Queensland, Australia. It is a one hour drive from the port of the Great Barrier Reef, the largest coral reef system in the world. Mareeba is mostly known for is giant ant hills, mango farms, and annual rodeo. Its a beautiful dusty little town with no traffic lights and no shopping malls. The only entertainment is an old school drive-in movie theatre where you watch films from your car. I spent a lot of time swimming in creeks, eating mangoes, and driving on long roads listening to music with my best friend. 



What was the inspiration behind Fear as Key for Long May Love Rule (your beautiful jewellery brand)? 





Can you take us through your creative process? How does it come to and through you? 


I spend a lot of time alone


What is one ritual you do when you get into your house? 


Take my shoes off


What is one ritual you do before you go to sleep and when you wake up? 


I always prepare my clothes for the following day before I sleep. When I wake up I immediately drink a huge glass of water. 

Lily, thanks for being a bright creative beacon of light for us all. Shine on baby!

To see more of Lilys incredible jewelry and work head to her instagram here