Q. Does Nin Studio have a showroom or physical store? 

A. Nin Studio has a showroom located at Calle Marsella 68, Juarez, CDMX. For personalized visits make an appointment through our contact page here. To visit our pieces in store Marsella 68, we are open 11-7pm Monday - Sunday. 

Q. When will my order ship?

A. Orders will ship between 2-6 business days

Q. Can I rush my order?

A. Yes, we are happy to organise alternative and faster shipping options for you. Please contact us here.

Q. Will there be custom costs on the arrival of the item? 

A.  We try our best to make sure there are no custom charges and that the buyer will be aware of these charges before their item is shipped. We cannot guarantee that your country will not charge custom costs.

Nin Studio is not responsible for any freight or custom charges at the time of receiving the package. 

For clear indications of custom costs on your order and country please reach out to info@ninstudio.org for any questions regarding this. 

Q. My order is taking longer than anticipated, is it lost? 

A. Due to the global circumstances there has been more frequent postal delays. If you are worried about your package reach out to us with your order number.

Nin Studio can file a report with the shipping service regarding your package. However Nin Studio does not have authority nor responsibility regarding the postal services or the outcome of your package.


Q: How do I know which size to order?

 A. To find out which size to order and how to measure yourself accurately, refer to our size chart here. If you are worried about whether an item will fit you can contact us for any questions. 


Q. I want to return an item, what can I do?

A. We do our best to make sure that your item arrives safely and in perfect condition. We understand that things do happen and would love to hear from you straight away to return an unsatisfactory item, contact info@ninstudio.org with your order number and comments. Please check our return + exchange policies here.

Q. How can I make an exchange for another item? 

A. If you would like to change your item for another size or style please contact us here info@ninstudio.org. Once received we will send you out your replacement item. The wait time on exchanges depends on your location so please contact us via email to find out the relative shipping and wait times that apply to you. 

Q. Where is your fabric sourced from?

A. We source textiles manufactured in Mexico and always aim to purchase already up-cycled fabrics (dead-stock). 80% of our fabrics are dead-stock and are sourced from a small family owned business in Mexico, that have been open for 50 years. This is not 100% sustainable as we do not have sufficient resources to control how this fabric and the product returns to the earth. 

Nin Studio believes in supporting our local economy through supporting small businesses and purchasing fabrics that already exist. 

We work with talented sewing, patterning and pleating teams here in Mexico City to create something unique with the resources we have at hand. 

Our mid-term goal is to create our own sustainable fabrics in-house where we can control the process from start to finish but for now we are cherishing the creativity of transforming what already exists. 

 Q. What kind of production style does Nin follow? 

A. Nin studio follows a production of limited hand-made items, following a zero waste methodology. Our production uses the with the below pillars throughout our production process. 

Conscious Craftsmanship - Quality control and testing 

Fair wages 

Minimum carbon emissions 

Working locally 

Minimal waste (moving towards zero waste)

Exceptional customer support 

Responsible product care after purchase point 

Q. Is Nin Studio a Latin American brand? 

A. Nin Studio works with local people in Mexico City and within Mexico to source the materials and hand-make each of the items ethically. Britt the founder and director is originally Australian and aims to support the economy and community in which she resides which currently is Mexico. Therefore the brand is a Latin based brand.

Q: How do I care for my Nin items?

A. This will depend on what fabric composition your item has. We work with many different fabrics and test all before offering the care-instructions that are printed and sewn onto each garment. To give your item more life you can hand-wash cold but do not soak for more than 5 minutes. Please check the fabric care-instructions on the tag of your item or refer to the card included in your Nin Studio order. Some of our items are DRY CLEAN ONLY. If you do experience color bleeding, please reach out to britt@ninstudio.org for instructions of how to color-correct. 

Q: What currency do you use in your shop?

A. All our prices are default in USD, you can change the currency of the website in the lower right hand corner of the screen.