Nin is a studio of interconnected artisans creating clothing in México City. Our clothing prioritizes a visceral experience through playful and versatile designs that can be adapted to whoever wears them. Beginning as an independent art project, we transform materials and liberate form.


Our clothes are made to be with you throughout your life.

We are holistic in our approach to create each item, working with our hands to make sample pieces before carefully overseeing the production process.

Our use of fabrics is focused through environmental care and minimal waste. We source our fabrics and produce our clothes in and around México City, minimizing carbon emissions. We create with small businesses in our community, cultivating trust and respect with everyone we work with.


Nin Studio started in 2018 when our founder Britt Maton was living in San Francisco experimenting with ceramics. Nin is what Britt’s brother called her when he couldn't say her name - Brittany, Ninny, Nin - reflecting how, through creativity we form our own language that we then share with others.

The beginning of our collections were a handful of pieces that Britt intuitively crafted on the floor of her apartment, cutting material to create a jumpsuit she hadn’t seen before but knew existed inside her. It was a way of making that instructed the ceramic objects she had been creating, a process of understanding herself and her environment.

Having worked in retail selling clothes, Britt witnessed how people often tried to fit into clothing rather than clothing fitting them. This propelled her curiosity to transform materials with humility and subjectivity to honor individuality, which formed the first collections of Nin.

Images by Fernanda Segura