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Nin is a project inspired by the transformation of matter, worn and used by the cosmic explorer; we use form to observe the metaphysical phenomena of tangible and intangible creation. 
All clothing is ethically produced locally in small batches in Mexico City; we are not 100% sustainable, we are doing what we can to make a maximum creative impact and a minimal planetary one. The Nin Studio item is thoughtfully created upon the 4 pillars of functionality, versatility, experimentation and conscious craftsmanship.
Artist behind the project, Britt Maton, makes all ceramics by hand in Mexico.


Nin Studio started when Britt was in San Francisco, she began to experiment with how clay can transfer energy into form. While on a trip in Oaxaca with her best friend Isabela, Bela mentioned maybe the project could be called Nin. Nin is what Britt’s brother called her when he couldn't say her name Brittany; Ninny, Nin. This project represents forming a language that is your own, that can then be understood and shared with others and that aims to strengthen the connection we have with two worlds, the intangible and the tangible. Form holds a sacred symbolic language through which we can become more conscious and connected.



We purchase our fabrics from a small Mexican business downtown, they have been there for 50 years and re-sell unwanted rolls of fabrics from larger production houses. The majority (80%) of our fabrics come from already-existing fabrics; we buy locally to minimize our carbon footprint in logistics and we also make our accessories using the scraps from other styles.
Our products are made within a 20km radius from our studio, they are all made by hand from women directed teams.
We strive for complete transparency within our process of producing the product. Each season we will continue to source natural fibers and create systems to minimize waste. 
 photo by fito stone, model renata lima for nin studio
Our culture at Nin Studio is to build long-term relationships with those we work with in order to create a trusting, supportive and gratifying economy; we aim to think and be holistic in our approach to creating each item. 
Nin Studio work closely within the design and production process, working hand in hand to create the sample pieces and then overseeing the production process carefully. 
We are constantly having philosophical conversations with each of our team members bringing a supportive environment whilst constantly creating and questioning how we can live, make and work more transparently.


 photo by Angela Suarez, model Ellian for nin studio