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Nin is an ethically made woman owned independent art project inspired by the transformation of matter. Using clothing as its medium since 2018 Nin Studio transforms the intangible into the tangible. 

Handcrafted pleats and prints are characteristic techniques of the brand, with the production of fabrics focused on environmental care and support for small local businesses within Mexico City.

All production and fabrics are sourced within a 20KM radius of the studio. Nin Studio celebrates transparency, action and community; crafting forms that are to be treasured and used for lifetimes. 





Conscious Craftsmanship - Quality control and testing 

Fair wages 

Minimum carbon emissions 

Working locally 

Minimal waste 

Exceptional customer support 

Responsible product care after purchase point 




Nin Studio started when Britt was in San Francisco, she began to experiment with how clay can transfer energy into form. While on a trip in Oaxaca with her best friend Isabela, Bela mentioned maybe the project could be called Nin. Nin is what Britt’s brother called her when he couldn't say her name Brittany; Ninny, Nin. This project represents forming a language that is your own, that can then be understood and shared with others and that aims to strengthen the connection we have with two worlds, the intangible and the tangible. Form holds a sacred symbolic language through which we can become more conscious and connected.




Our culture at Nin Studio is to build long-term relationships with those we work with in order to create a trusting, supportive and gratifying economy; we aim to think and be holistic in our approach to creating each item. 
Nin Studio work closely within the design and production process, working hand in hand to create the sample pieces and then overseeing the production process carefully. 
We are constantly having philosophical conversations with each of our team members bringing a supportive environment whilst constantly creating and questioning how we can live, make and work more transparently.
We are transforming matter at every touchpoint


  Images by Fernanda Segura