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Questions and Answers

  • Q: How do I know which size to order?

    To find out which size to order and how to measure yourself accurately, refer to our size chart here. If you are worried about whether an item will fit you can contact us for any questions. 

  • Q. Where is your fabric sourced from?

    We source textiles manufactured in Mexico and always aim to purchase already up-cycled fabrics (dead-stock). 80% of our fabrics are dead-stock and are sourced from a small family owned business in Mexico, that have been open for 50 years. This is not 100% sustainable as we do not have sufficient resources to control how this fabric and the product returns to the earth. 

    Nin Studio believes in supporting our local economy through supporting small businesses and purchasing fabrics that already exist. 

    We work with talented sewing, patterning and pleating teams here in Mexico City to create something unique with the resources we have at hand. 

    Our mid-term goal is to create our own sustainable fabrics in-house where we can control the process from start to finish but for now we are cherishing the creativity of transforming what already exists. 

  • Q. I want to return an item, what can I do?

    We do our best to make sure that your item arrives safely and in perfect condition. The customer has 7 days to return your item for change of mind.

    We understand that things do happen and would love to hear from you straight away to return an unsatisfactory item, contact with your order number and comments.

    Please check our return + exchange policies here.